July 3, 2012

Nursing Tuesday: The Dress Code

I'm linking up with Anna @ The Days When I'm Not a Nurse & Renee @ This Won't Hurt a Bit for the Nursing Tuesday link-up this month, which is all about the dress code.

As a nursing student, my dress code is pretty *awesome* (Sarcasm? Never!). And being I wore it far too often this past school year, I did not put it on to model. Especially being that it is 97 degrees with a heat index of 103 today. It does not keep you cool at all.

The scrub bottoms are Cherokee (I think) & are the only comfortable part of the uniform. The top is Landeau, but our school had them made specifically with our Nursing department logo on it.


I have my matching stethoscope which is an Adscope Professional Stethoscope, which isn't as fancy as a Littmann, but has worked perfectly for me so far. And my lovely name tag.



This past year doing clinicals at Mayo Clinic, we were given a Mayo badge so we had access to medication and supply rooms and things of that sort. I loved this badge because I was able to hook it onto a neat little retracting badge holder I got a while ago. All of my classmates were jealous cause they had to take there badge off in order to scan it by the door handle to any of the locked rooms. Muahaha! Unfortunately, we had to give the badges back at the end of the year :(


In a previous post, I talked about what I usually carry with me during clinical so you can check that out as well. One thing I didn't mention in that list is the medication cards we were required to carry with us.

I would NOT recommend these to any nursing students (at least in Bachelors programs as I have no experience in other programs)! Yes, they are convenient little cards with some information such as major side effects & what the drug does, but they don't include all the necessary information we were asked by our professors and required to know. Plus, there were a TON of drugs I ran across pretty much on a weekly basis that didn't even have cards, so I ended up having to look them up on MicroMedix any way. 

So that's my nursing uniform (at least until December). Hopefully the floor I end up working on has some cute scrubs :)

Oh and I went to the library last week and, just for the heck of it, picked up some NCLEX review books so if I have unwanted downtime, I can actually be productive. However, I've already looked at a few questions and let me just say....UH OH!

Do any nurses have tips out there related to the NCLEX? I'll probably be taking mine in late January.


  1. I know it's extra money, but I took a Kaplan review class (we got a discount of we booked one together as a class) and it was a big help. The problem with this exam is that half the battle is reading the question and realizing what they're really trying to ask you. Kaplan helps you break down the question to find out what kind of answer they're looking for which helps you eliminate some of the wrong answers. That helped me a lot. Also, do as many practice questions as you can stand. I know a lot of my friends went over the content from top to bottom again, but I was told once that you are already taught the material in nursing school (it's okay to brush up, but you can't relearn nursing school in a matter of weeks). So I just brushed up on my rough spots and did a TON of practice questions. We got a large Kaplan Q-bank with our course and it was very helpful. You'll do just fine...you know so much more than you think. Good luck!

    1. Thanks for the tips! My school has a Kaplan review course built into the price of our nursing tests so we all have the opportunity to sign up for one when we graduate. My biggest problem is overthinking on the answers so that's what I'm hoping to brush up on this summer some.

  2. Nursing school uniforms are so terrible sometimes! Mine were all white with the same unisex top as you the first year. Then we went to normal navy blue scrubs with our school badge on the chest it was soooo much better! As far as NCLEX. I took the Hurst review and didn't really think it helped all that much. What really helped me was doing questions on my computer. The main CD I used was from a book called NCLEX Review for Springhouse RN or something along those lines. Just do tons of practice questions and read the rationale! Thanks for linking up girl! :)

  3. I did some practice questions yesterday & reading the rationale definitely made it make a lot more sense!

  4. Breanna! Nice uniform. :) Mine was almost identical (white top, blue pants, but different logo of course). I agree with what Renee said, just take as many practice questions as possible! It's more of getting used to sitting there and trying to critically think for hours on end. And then you get used to the WAY they ask the questions. A study buddy also helps. Good luck with studying!

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