May 9, 2012

Nurse's Week: Day 2

May 7, 2012

To catch up on posts, the second nurse story is titled "why nurses don't take care of family". I really haven't had that much experience (yet) to answer this question. In January, my sister had a cough that wouldn't go away so my mom asked me to listen to her lungs. My answer? "I suck at distinguishing lung sounds." Which, I kind of do, unless they are super distinct and easy to hear what it is. Of course, I listened and all I could say was "They don't sound like a normal, healthy lung sound". So, of course, "Should she go to the doctor?". Well, sure, I don't know, it doesn't hurt to go. Which I guess is why nurses don't take care of family? Too complicated.

But I did proceed to tell her that, if they did give her medication for the cough, it would probably be a steroid and a bronchodilator (think, Albuterol). 

What did they give her?

A steroid and Albuterol.

Excuse me while I brush my shoulders off. All in a days work.

But her NP never told her in what order to take them?? But I told her to take the Albuterol first, then the steroid so the medicine actually gets in her lungs. 

Yeah, I'm awesome like that.

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  1. haha, most impressive. :)
    Seriously! it's a lot of pressure when they start asking you stuff like, "should I go to the doctor? Because if they don't, and it gets worse, you'll feel horrible! But if they do, and it's nothing, you'll feel bad cuz they have to pay for it!!!
    It's a mess.