December 5, 2011

Monday's Musings

Things I've discovered this week:

1. The Carmel Brule Latte at Starbucks is grand.

2. I am destined to become a pediatric nurse. I love it. Mayo Clinic, please hire me after graduation!

3. I really despise snow. I love it from like December 15th through January 3rd and then it needs. to. go.

4. The Miranda Lambert concert is just a little over a month away!

5. Did I mention how much I love the nursing profession?! Honestly, I am so thankful I switched majors when I did because, despite how frustrating school & clinical with a hard professor may be, I really do enjoy working with wonderful patients. It's always a great end to the week. This week was especially wonderful.

6. Speaking of frustrating school, next week is finals and I am realizing how unprepared I am to take these cumulative tests. Uh. Oh.

See you after finals. I hope.

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