November 3, 2011

You know you're a Rochester Nursing student when...

So today I have Peds clinical from 1pm-8pm, but I am currently at Plummer Library downtown and I have been since 7:30am this morning. And I will be staying here until I catch the bus to St. Mary's. Transportation in Rochester sucks.

Anyway, Luther had the Nursing Banquet on Tuesday night and, although I wasn't able to make it down to Decorah for it, a few of my classmates did go. We were the entertainment for the evening and made a slideshow of pictures so far and a list of "You know you're a Rochester Nursing student when...". So I thought I would grace you all with a few off the list.

  • You attend church at Zumbro Lutheran on Sunday & people come up to you and say "you're a Luther nursing student, aren't you?"
  • Halloween includes your classmates dressing up as gangrene, your Pharm professor dressing up as an obese Twinkie advertising Lipitor, and your Psych professor dressing up as a Freudian slip.
  • Clinical is so much better when your instructor wins a free trip to Las Vegas on the radio in the morning.
  • You decorate your walls with bed pans.
  • Instead of chugging beer, you chug coffee (IV caffeine anyone?)
  • You start speaking in nursing diagnoses - nervousness r/t a big exam tomorrow AEB butterflies in the stomach.
  • Your family and friends start telling you where their aches and pains are and ask you to diagnose them.
  • You start to believe you have most of the diseases and disorders that are talked about in lecture.
  • You accidentally leave the stove on when you leave the apartment and the fire department gets called (*cough* Mike *cough*).
  • Lunch breaks mean Guitar Hero, Pit, Ping Pong, and naps.
  • You have in-depth discussions about bodily functions around the dinner table.
  • You go to Plummer Library in hopes of spotting a cute med student or resident.
  • When you return to Luther, people say "Are you a Freshman?" or "Did you transfer?" in which you respond "If I hear that one more time, I will slap you!"
  • The only compliment you get during your Psych clinical about your long hair is "You could hang yourself with hair like that!"
  • Hopping on your bike in your nursing uniform at 5:30am is a weekly occurance.
  • You accidentally drink out of a doctor's coffee cup at Caribou...twice.
  • You play games with your patients for your clinical.
  • You have hours of narrated lectures to listen to online before coming to the actual 2 hour lecture.
  • You have probably single handedly killed a small forest with your lecture notes.
  • You use your Med-Surg and Pharm books as free weights instead of going to the gym.
  • You get decubitis ulcers from sitting in folding chairs for 2 hour lectures.
  • Being assigned a concept map means you no longer have a weekend.
  • You ask your non-nursing friends for Ibuprofen and they hand you Acetaminophen.
  • You get excited when you get to give a shot during clinical.
  • "Sleeping in" on clinical days is 5:45am.
  • You literally laugh out loud when listening to the online Pharm lectures.
  • You make lefse with the Zumbro Lutheran Church ladies for fun.
  • You notice that Jayme starts out each Pharm lecture by saying "Hi. This is Jayme". Well I would hope so....
  • You spend way more time coming up with things a Rochester nursing student does than studying.

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  1. haha, I love the Freudian slip idea! And it's so true, as soon as you become a nurse, EVERYONE come to you with their medical questions. I had a sister-in-law call me when her daughter drank half a bottle of cough syrup, asking me what to do."Um, you should be on the phone with poison control, not me." :)

    (came across your blog on 20sb. How in the world do you have time to update this AND be in nursing school? Impressive.)