August 15, 2011


Apparently I have commitment issues with my blog because, once again, I have neglected to keep it a part of my life for almost a month now. And I have no excuses this time because I have been doing nothing but enjoying summer. My bad. I do plan on hopefully starting up a Life of a Nursing Student "segment" type thing this upcoming school year to document my journey here in Rochester at Mayo Clinic for my clinicals and classes. Classes start up on Wednesday August 31st at 8:30am sharp & I already have the first weeks orientation schedule. Can you say overwhelming? As my best friend/forever roomie Megan would say..."GET USED TO IT" :)

P.S.: I can't promise I will blog before school starts up because I need to help move my brother into his apartment in Winona on Saturday & need to go shopping with him still this week & I want to fully enjoy my last week of freedom before my nursing brain gets turned on again. Plus we're painting our house on Labor Day weekend. And I go to school on Labor Day.

See ya soon bloggy!!

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