April 10, 2011

The Hills are ALIVE!

I made it through my crazy week with all those tests & projects and I came out alive! This weekend was extra fun too! 

First of all, the Jason Derulo concert was awesome! He's a great entertainer, an awesome live singer, and MAN, HE CAN DANCE! I haven't put any of the video or pictures that I took on my computer yet, but once I do, I'll be sure to post a few.

I had my Same Day Surgery rotation that next morning at 7am so I was quite tired, but it was super interesting. I got to see a bilateral hernia repair and a knee arthroscopy. I loved being able to see what goes on during a surgery, but I've determined I never want to work there. I don't like the demeanor of surgeons. They just seem like they think they're God's best gift to mankind and I don't like that attitude in helping professions.

Friday night I stayed around the house and watched E.R. reruns and fell asleep at like 10:30pm cause I was so exhausted.

Saturday was gorgeous outside so our house just hung out together and made a Walmart run. My best friend since high school, Sarah, came down to visit Caitlin and me and come to a party Caitlin's house was throwing. The theme was Nerdgasm and it was a blast! We basically walked all over the college senior housing area of Luther and went to a few houses and the bar. On our way home, right across the street from Caitlin's house, these 3 freshman girls were wasted beyond belief and could barely stand and were trying to puke (too much information?) so we brought them into Caitlin's and being the nice seniors we were, we got them water and a trash can and had them sit on the couch for awhile before we walked them back to their dorm room. I felt really good being able to use my nursing skills and help out girls who are still young and vulnerable :)

Today, Caitlin, Sarah, Caitlin's dog, Rusty, and I all walked down to Dunning Springs and took pictures and talked and then we had to make Sarah experience a tornado at Whippy Dip. I had a Twix Tornado, which was DELICIOUS! By the way, it is BEAUTIFUL outside today. It was super humid this morning since it rained around 4am, but right now it's sunny, slightly breezy, and 85! I love this weather!

Hopefully it's beautiful where you are! And I heard there's supposed to be severe thunderstorms here tonight along with like everywhere in the midwest, so STAY SAFE! haha!

To close, here's a few pictures from a couple parties we had at our house a few weeks ago!

The Spring Semester "Nursing/Education Home" during our infamous "I Just Had Sex" Party

Karina & I during J-term

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