March 26, 2011

It's a Crazy Town full of neon dreams: Spring Break 2011

This past week was my Spring Break & two of my roomies & I took a road trip down to Nashville, Tennessee to see one of our roomies that graduated in December, Stacy. So here's our itinerary from the week including some pictures! I had an amazing time & am seriously considering searching for jobs & moving down there after I graduate. It's definitely a town suited for me!

Day 1: Saturday March 19th

We woke up at 4:00am after only getting between 1 -4 hours of sleep because we wanted to be on the road by 5:30am latest. I unfortunately woke up with a bit of a cold & cough, which kind of sucked but I made the most of it cause nothing was going to ruin my Spring Break! We left Decorah and headed on the road through Iowa. We planned on spending the day in St. Louis to sightsee. We arrived there around 1:00pm & saw the Gateway Arch & the Old Courthouse building.

Karina, Me, & Megan in front of the Arch

We then drove to the Anheuser-Busch Brewery to tour it. It was super cool. In one building, we had to ride 7 flights of escalators! We then got to go to the Hospitality Room to sample beer. I had a Shock Top, Megan had Golden Wheat, & Karina had Landshark. 

The huge Clydsedales they had in a beautiful stable

We then went to Union Station & got dinner at Houlihan's & walked around the different shops. We left St. Louis at 8pm & by that time it had started raining. The roads in St. Louis suck in the dark and rain. None of the road paint had reflectors in it so we couldn't see the road. We ended up almost making a short turn & hitting a median, then we missed our exit on the interstate & had to go in this shady part of town to turn around. We finally go out of town & eventually arrived at Stacy's house in Clarksville, TN at 12:30am. She had fallen asleep & didn't hear the doorbell, knocking, or her phone ringing so we didn't get inside until 1:00am & then we all proceeded to crash for the night.

Day 2: Sunday March 20th

We all ended up sleeping in until 10am. It was SO nice out! 80 degrees and sunny!! We drove to Fort Campbell where Stacy's husband is stationed & shopped at the Commissary (grocery store) & PX (Walmart). The whole base is like a huge town. So many places to live and shop. We drove past these huge planes too! We then hung out around Stacy's neighborhood playing with all the kids that hang out on Stacy's porch & front lawn. We made cheeseburgers & vegetables on the grill and sat outside all night & went to bed early.

Day 3: Monday March 21st

Karina, Megan, & I headed into Nashville around 8:30am. Stacy stayed home because she had a job interview on Tuesday & had to buy an outfit & get ready for it. We arrived in Nashville around 9:15am & walked around the Music City Walk of Fame park with all the country music stars & picked up our Access Passes. We then went to Legends Corner Souvineir Shop & toured the Ryman Auditorium. It was so cool to be in the building where so many legendary country singers got their start! They said the Ryman has the 2nd best sound next to the Mormon Tabernacle. It was awesome being able to stand on the stage as well!

On the Shelby Street Bridge where they film a lot of country music videos

Ryman Auditorium


We then went & ate lunch at Broadway Brewhouse & Mojo, which was delicious. Next, we headed over to the Country Music Hall of Fame & toured it. It was so cool & very interesting. The whole 2nd floor was an exhibit about Hank Williams & his family. Of course I loved seeing Miranda Lambert & Carrie Underwood's GORGEOUS dresses. They had Carrie's dress that she hosted the 2010 CMA's in & it was all sewn with intricate beaded jewels on the bodice & a huge tulle bottom. The rotunda area with the actual Hall of Fame was breathtaking! It says Will the Circle Be Unbroken along the top with the sun shining through - amazing!

In front of the Country Music Hall of Fame


The Rotunda

We then headed home because we were going over to grill out with Stacy's friend & her family that live on post in Fort Campbell. We spent the night with her & her kids sitting around the bonfire just hanging out in the nice weather. We got home around 9:00pm & went right to bed again! 
I'll continue the last couple days in the next post!

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