June 27, 2010

Happy Sunday!

  • No Sunday Secrets today - they were pretty disappointing to be honest.
  • I won't be posting about the Rochesterfest parade from Friday due to it being cancelled! Minutes after I posted Friday's blog, we were put under a Tornado Watch until midnight. The parade was still on though so we headed down to St. Francis around 5pm & gradually over the next hour or so, the skies started getting darker. The parade street people went around saying they were going to start early to try & finish before the rain, but right after the police & Boy Scouts went through, they announced they were cancelling it due to Tornadoes being spotted an hour west of Rochester. Speaking of rain, that's all it's been doing the past 3 days. Right now is the first time it's been sunny!

P.S.: The weather makes me think of this song for some reason (go ahead & laugh!):

  • Tomorrow is my brother's 20th birthday so I made a cake this afternoon which will be featured in this week's Tasty Tuesday and, let me tell you, it is tasty! (Yes, I licked some of the frosting :p)
  • Finally, you should head on over to Oh Dee Doo Da Lee & enter an awesome giveaway of $50 to use on Toms Shoes! They are super cute!! It's open through July 3rd :)

1 comment:

  1. i completely forgot about that song. girl, i can't imagine being around tornadoes...that scares me so much. you're a brave soul!