June 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Megan & Stasi!

Yesterday was my freshman year roomie, Megan's 21st birthday & today is one of my best friend Stasi's 21st birthday.

I was so lucky to have been blessed with three amazing roomies my freshman year of college.
December 2007
The one in the brown puff jacket is the lovely Megan & yesterday was her 21st birthday. I couldn't celebrate with her since she's in her hometown of Waseca, MN & will be studying abroad in Europe this summer, but I hope she had an awesome day. We'll be rooming together again this coming year in a house with five other Nursing students (she's a Nursing major as well) and I can't wait!

October 2007

Happy Birthday Megan!

And today is my friend Stasi's 21st birthday! We met through the Elementary Education program at Luther (when I was still going into that). We had a class together in the beginning of our Sophomore year and Megan & Stasi were actually roomies that year as well. We became closer & this year we were practically inseperable! She's an amazing girl & I hope she has a wonderful day! She's currently nannying this summer in Decorah so hopefully I get to see her soon!
October 2009

Happy Birthday Stasi!

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