June 18, 2010

FaShion FRiday!

I'm starting a new blog feature on this wonderful blog called Fashion Friday! I've seen it featured on many other lovely ladies blogs & have recently been inspired to start it up again. I'm going to try to post every Friday a picture of my outfit & where you can find the items I'm wearing.

June 18th, 2010
Dress: Old Navy - $4.97 (Clearance)
Tank Top (underneath): Old Navy - $2.00 (Sale)

Now onto the day. It's my Grandma's 81st birthday today!! We hung out around the house this morning &, in the afternoon, two of my uncles, Tom & David, two of my aunts, Kim & Bobbie, and my cousin, Anngel, all came over to celebrate with pizza & cake. Anngel is visiting until next Friday from Brooklyn, NY.

David, Bobbie, & Anngel all stained my Grandma's outdoor glider bench thing & we hung outside for a little bit.

Speaking of Simba, I don't think I've ever posted a picture of him on here before! We got him from a local animal shelter back in January & he's 4 years old. He's a biter and likes to scratch sometimes, but is lovely. Here he is this morning hanging out on the mantle.

Sorry for the weird spacing between things! Blogger was NOT cooperating with me tonight at all! Also, I'm hoping to increase traffic & followers on my blog, so pass on the word to friends, family, etc to come check it out :) I applied to 20 Something Bloggers to become a blog member person over there. Should find out soon if I've been approved.

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