April 20, 2010

Vote vote vote vote vote!!!

I'm sure you all have at least heard of the TV show Glee, right?
Well, I'm addicted like many other people out there.

Glee is holding auditions via
myspace.com. Anyone who's 16 or older can audition by submitting a short video explaining who they are, how long they've been singing, & why they want to be a part of Glee & a video of them singing a song from Glee. This is a great opportunity for all the wonderful singers out there!

Now is where you all come in: viewers are asked to watch the submission videos & give people gold stars to vote for them. I would love it if you would take the time to vote for these two lovely ladies:

First, Chelsey from
live a little. She's from Nashville and writes a very cute blog (mainly about her preparations from her wedding in 18 days)! She made the most adorable submission video & she sings "Don't Rain on My Parade" wonderfully. Go check it out & give her a gold star!

Click here to give Chelsey a gold star!

Lastly, my neighbor and friend here at Luther College has also auditioned. Her name is Emily & she's majoring in Elementary Education. She's involved in everything musical theater related & even organized this years Cabaret musical theater talent production. She is so sweet & has the best personality. She would fit in perfectly with Rachel!! Go check out her videos & give her gold star (or two or three or more. hehe)!

Click here to give Emily a gold star!


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