April 13, 2010


I found out two pieces of good news today during my meeting with my advisor:

1.) Some of you may know that I was so stressed out because I was going to be pre-registered for a Microbiology lab time that conflicted with the time of the Social Work class I had to take for my minor. If I was unable to take this Social Work class next fall, I wouldn't be able to minor in Social Welfare (even though I had three out of the five classes completed!). Well, I was informed that, since I'm a junior, I register way ahead of all the other people in my Nursing class. The only reason we're pre-registered for Micro in the first place is to ensure us a spot so no upperclassmen take them all. Since I am an upperclassmen, I'm able to register for whichever Micro lab I wish. This means I am still able to take my Social Work class and minor in Social Welfare!

2.) I was also accepting the fact that I would probably not be participating in a commencment ceremony since I will finish my major in December 2012. I received the graduation form from the Registrar in my SPO today and found out that if you have 116 credits, you're able to participate in that years graduation ceremony! I will have 116 credits by May 2012 therefore I'll be able to graduate in May 2012 with my roomie!! I will still have to come back to Luther in August 2012 to finish out my last semester (which will be loaded with Nursing clinicals! - not gonna think about that!) and complete my degree in December 2012. This makes me SOOO happy!!!

I will also be picking up the study abroad applications and such for next January on Thursday. Hopefully everything will work out and I will be able to go to either:

a.) Ireland & London
b.) Italy & France

On a completely unrelated note, how cute were these two together?! I wish they were still dating...

pictures found here.

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