April 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Beth!!

Today is my best friend Beth's 21st birthday!! I'm so sad I can't be with her to celebrate, but we'll see each other again in like...1 month. I'm so excited!

I've known Beth since the beginning of our freshman year in high school - 6 1/2 years. We've been through a lot together & I hope she has a FABULOUS day!

November 2004 - Sophmore Year - My Sweet Sixteen (Beth's in the middle, I'm on the far right)

February 2006 - Junior Year - Twin Day during Turnabout Week (We went as sorority sisters!)

October 2006 - Senior Year - Purple & Gold Day during Homecoming Week (Me & Beth in the middle)

June 2007 - Graduation! (I'm 2nd from the left, Beth's on the far right)

August 2007 - Our last hurrah before we headed off to college :(

June 2008 - Our first get together after we finished our first year of college!

December 2008 - Winter Break during our 2nd year of college

May 2009 - Panera lunch after we finished our 2nd year of college!

I haven't seen Miss Beth since this past winter break when we went to Princess & the Frog :(
P.S.: Beth is the one that got me addicted to One Tree Hill way back at the beginning of our senior year in high school :)

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