March 6, 2010

My Life via Pictures.

We decided to take pictures in front of funny signs before the LHS Homecoming football game. (September 2009)

Sammie, Stasi, and I at the Flamingo Ball, the Luther homecoming dance (October 2009)

Kiersten, Trevor, Stasi, Sammie, Chelsea, Caitlin, and I at Caitlin's halloween party (October 2009)
Caitlin, Stasi, and I at the Halloween Drag Ball (October 2009)

Caitlin, Cat, and I celebrating Caitlin's 21st birthday (November 2009)

Caitlin and I celebrating my 21st birthday (November 2009)

Me holding Elliot on Christmas Day (December 2009)

Samantha & Kate on Christmas Eve (December 2009)

Cassie being goofy on Christmas Eve (December 2009)

Caitlin and I having a photoshoot before the 80's Party to kick off the Spring Semester (February 2010)

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