April 8, 2009

Blog Entry 8: Luther's Teacher Education Program & Our I-movie

This week Jennifer Olufson, the "licensure person" for the Education department came to speak to us about Luther's Teacher Education Program. Even though this was probably my 3rd presentation of the logistics of the program, it was a good review & check to see exactly where I was at and what steps I should continue to be making.

It was very important (to me at least) to hear all the due dates/deadlines, contact people, and information I should be collecting and saving along the way. It's also good to know that if we should ever want to change licensure areas or states where we're teaching during our career, we always are able to come back to Luther to get the necessary help and required information.

I didn't stay for the Chalk & Wire presentation because I've had it presented to me twice before and I already know how to write a rationale, upload an artifact, where to put the different portfolio requirements. I already have an account set up and am just about finished with my introductory portfolio (which is super exciting!).

At this weeks group discussion, we started planning out our I-movie and, needless to say, I am extremely excited for it! Our six main topics that we picked out of the book as being the most important were the six different levels of Kohlberg's Moral Development. We plan on having a documentary-like movie - sort of along the lines of "Chalk". We will see how kids at the different stages of moral reasoning react as well as conduct interviews with them to get their take on the situation. Even though these "kids" are actually our college peers, we're going to try and give an accurate portrayal of a classroom situation and the different reactions to it. Hopefully this can give viewers a chance to see what their children will be like in their future classroom. We will also give ways as to how schools can help move a child in a certain stage onto the next stage. The goal is to get all the children at Level 6 reasoning, which is where the kids in the book "Teach Like Your Hair's on Fire" were at. Group filming begins Saturday April 18th at 10am sharp and I can't wait to see how our movie will turn out :)

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