March 16, 2009

Blog Entry 6: Chalk: The Continuation & Chicago Center

Unfortunately, hope for the poor "teachers" in Chalk was not restored after watching the second half of the movie.

The Teacher of the Year candidate that lost crossed the line. First, he basically was trying to have his students cheer him up. He didn't leave his emotions outside of the classroom and come to teach the kids. Then, he threw a desk because he was angry with a student for telling him he didn't actually lose! Seriously, this dude needs some help or something.

One somewhat positive thing happened with the awkward first year teacher. By participating in and winning the "Spelling Hornet", he showed that he has begun to make an effort to connect with his kids. He showed a genuine interest in understanding their language and even played around with them a little bit by trying to rap. This showed that he wants to make that extra effort to connect with the kids & get to know them. I wonder if he signed the contract for the following year; even though he wasn't the best teacher, this was his first year, and towards the end, he began to show improvement in his technique & management.

The speakers from the Chicago Center made me kind of interested in thinking about student teaching there. I've been to Chicago a few times and love the city. It would be great to be able to get the experience of teaching in a big city in possible inner-city-like classrooms and being able to live somewhere that has so many opportunities available at the drop of a hat. This would be a fun and enlightening experience that would add a lot to my resume, especially if I am going to be working with students with special needs or behavioral problems.

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